Apartment Zhu
  • Location
    New Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area
  • Project Year
    Multi level
  • Project Leader
    Kuan Huan,Liu / Chun Ta,Tsao
  • Building materials




    As we age, many people start to think about life after retirement. With the completely different needs for home space, the owner decided to renovate the apartment to renew the living habits and simplify the space.
    We keep thinking about the owner’s life style, storage habits, moving patterns, and environment maintenance to pay more attention to functionality and safety and reduce unnecessary complexity in the design.
    The original advantage of the basement in good condition is retained. Natural light is introduced through the large windows so that the space and window view are combined into one.
    Considering the owner’s hope that the yard comes into view along the route from the garage to the entrance, we decide to open up the space and make arrangements by following the lighting and line of sight. The kitchen is located in the back of the space, with the island as the border between the kitchen and the living room. Besides the function, it also extends the visual effect from the higher part to the lower part of the living room. During gatherings, everyone can communicate without barriers and enjoy the unobstructed window view together.
    Due to the original structure of beams and columns, the vertical flow is arranged at the center with the spiral staircase as variation. The front part equipped with the storage function is connected to the openwork steps made of iron parts to create a sense of lightness and reduce the huge volume in the space. Besides, orange is used to brighten and add fun to the space and echo the overall style at the same time. An elevator is installed for the needs of long-term living. Its smaller size makes it easier to integrate into the design.
    The staircase leads to the private area on the first floor. To highlight the perfect window view of the room, large glass is specially used as the partition of the master bedroom to enhance the advantage of the space and bring sunlight to every corner. The scene of treetops has become part of the indoor space. The overall use of warm colors endows the space with a quiet atmosphere. The reconfiguration makes the space closer to the owner’s needs, makes the complicated simple, and creates a spacious, safe, and comfortable living environment.