KC 3.0
KC design office 3.0
  • Location
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area
  • Project Year
  • Project Leader
    Kuan Huan,Liu / Chun Ta,Tsao/Hsung Yu, Sung
  • Building materials



    The visual experience of the design focuses on simplicity and neatness. The exterior made of weathering steel has the functional openings and divisions of vertical lines. As the sun and rain are reflected on the rusty surface, the simple but multiple intertwined layers endow the gate with a different look.
    The interior layout is arranged according to natural lighting to avoid light from being blocked. The space is separated into the front and the back areas. The front area is mainly the conference room and multi-purpose area. A gentle arc leads the flow from the entrance to the reception area. The opening of the courtyard and the overhanging corridor reduce the heaviness of the volume. Light is therefore introduced indoors to brighten the dark space. The office area is behind the pantry room, which is used as the partition of the space. In this way, each area will not interfere with each other in the open space.
    Considering the original elevated floor and lower ceiling that may cause the oppressive feeling, we choose not to cover the ceiling but to hide all the wiring in the beams, pillars, and cabinets. The overall warm colors will relieve the oppressive feeling and give a sense of freedom and the space without fixed partitions.