House L
  • Location
    New Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area
  • Project Year
    Multi level
  • Project Leader
    Chun Ta,Tsao / Kuan Huan,Liu
  • Building materials




    Starting from the roughcast layout, this project is planned into a modern family house. With the overall concept of an arc courtyard as the axis, the elevated design allows the free flow of air and sunlight and gathers the family together here. In the space, bevels and arcs of different sizes and forms are used to replaced sharp angles to improve safety and create the warm atmosphere through the rounded visual effect at the same time.

    The second floor is the children’s castle. The arc-shaped corridor not only creates the interest of the place. The circular space also allows children to run freely. To create the atmosphere of a castle gate, the arched door is selected and combined with children’s drawings to build the unique castle gate. The elevated space connects the upper and lower floors and reduces the limitation of the living area, transforming a living environment into a playground for family interaction.

    The staircase leads to the master bedroom on the third floor with the French light luxury style. Trim is used to decorate the wall and ceiling, matched with wood grain floor and some metal elements. The soft lines are arranged into the elegant and simple visual effect. The combination of different materials and decorative details creates the unique space for the owner.

    Different from the style of the first and second floors, the basement is made into a secret base for adults and a playroom for children. In response to the male owner’s need, the Italian marble with 3D effect and natural colors is used for the wine cabinet. The soft light further sets off the calm style and presents a completely different look, allowing the owner to feel the atmosphere of a bar at home.